Be Bold

A teacher training and personal empowerment program

Be Bold is an opportunity to transform how you relate to the world. Whether you want to deepen your yoga practice, gain tools to lead a powerful life, become a yoga teacher (or a combo of all three!) this training will take you on a journey of self-discovery using meditation, asana and inquiry. 
You will learn skills and tools essential to Be Bold in your life and gain insight into what constrains or keeps you from your best possible self.
From a clear and powerful place, uncover what you truly want and take the first step by applying today!

Information Session Sunday, October 20th 10:00am - More info can be found here.

Be Bold SPRING 2020

February 28, 29 & 3/1
March 6, 7 & 8
April 3, 4 & 5
April 17, 18 & 19
May 1, 2 & 3

Fridays 6pm-9pm
Saturdays 8am-8pm
Sundays 8am-6pm
Sessions take place at WVPY Corvallis

100% participation is required at all the listed training dates above.
In addition, a number practice teaching sessions and community classes will be offered throughout and after the training at various times and studio locations. Attendance and participation at a minimum of 15 is required to fulfill on your 200 hours.

interested in a training this fall?
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Additional Information: 

  • Techniques ~ 90 hours

  • Teaching Methodology ~ 25 hours

  • Anatomy and Physiology ~ 20 hours

  • Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle ~ 25 hours

  • Practicum ~ 25 hours

  • Homework ~15 hours

Reading List (specific passages will be assigned before and throughout the training):
Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste (read prior to training)
How Yoga Works by Michael Roach
Being Of Power by Baron Baptiste
Key Muscles of Yoga, Volume 2 by Ray Long
Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Be Bold is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance training.


Out of BBTT you will learn:

• How to effectively practice and teach the basic Baptiste Yoga Methodology and the Journey into Power sequence
• Traditional yoga philosophy for the modern world
• Anatomy foundations as they relate to practice and assisting
• Alignment, modifications, and variations
• Sequencing, essential language and cueing
• How to give and receive feedback
• What holds you back in the areas that matter most to you
• Practical tools to create your most powerful and authentic life



The tuition for this program is $3,400
Take advantage of early bird pricing: $500 off with payment in full by November 1st, 2019

A $100 non refundable deposit is required after submitting the application form and acceptance to hold your space in the program.

Payment Options Include:

REGULAR ENROLLMENT: $3,400 - Application submitted on or before February 15th, 2020. Non-Refundable deposit of $300 due at time of application, payment in FULL must be received no later thank 1 week prior to program start.

EXTENDED PAYMENT PLAN OPTION 1: $3,600 - Application and $300 Non-Refundable deposit due. After deposit, 6 equal payments of $550 will be auto deducted from a card on file monthly.

EXTENDED PAYMENT PLAN OPTION 2: $3,800 Application and $300 Non-Refundable deposit due. After deposit, 10 equal payments $350 will be auto deducted from a card on file monthly.


Interested in being a part of BBTT 2020? Please fill out the application below:

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our trainings are accredited with the Yoga Alliance. 
E-RYt 500 Hour Certified and Baptiste educator Melinda Luksch is the lead facilitator of these programs.  


What past graduates have to say

3 years ago my daughter told me “you have to do this.” So, I reluctantly went to my first class at Willamette Valley Power Yoga. I was hooked at the first practice. Doing teacher training has been the most opening journey of my life. I am 63 with many regrets and “I wishes.” This training has opened up my life to “ I am, I am here, I am able, I can be present for my people and my life.” I am so grateful for what the BBTY has helped me to experience.
— Lanell C, BBTT 2019 | WVPY
BBTT was, for me, a life-changing event. I was reluctant to sign up, partly because of my introverted nature. I was scared. I thought I would find a bunch of superficial, “self-styled enlightened” people. I went into training feeling excited, but also nervous, shy, and skeptical. I thought that I was more “woke” than most. I was very wrong. I was given amazing tools, not only to teach yoga, but also to live my life in a better and more fulfilling way. I found a tribe of people like me, and people that were willing to actually listen and deeply care about each other. I found a family. Yes, I learned to teach yoga and to do it well, but the greater gift was that I found myself. If you get the chance to go to BBTT, don’t wait. Do it now.
— Timber W.V, BBTT 2019 | WVPY
I signed up for teacher training because I wanted to learn more about yoga, and learn how to better share the practice that I loved so much with others. I left teacher training with not only that, but a deeper understanding of how I can show up for others. I dug into subjects that made me hesitant at first, but leading me to a place where I am more confident, empathetic, and powerful. If you do BBTT, expect to find a power in yourself that you always had but couldn’t access. Oh, and you meet and become best friends with the best people. You’ll finish training and miss every second of it!
— Nicole B, BBTT 2019 | WVPY
There are endless reasons why I would highly recommend Be Bold Teacher Training. With the daily training, yoga practice, meditation and self inquiry, I experienced a deep personal journey of discovering and honoring my authentic self. The training was skillfully facilitated by Melinda and her wonderful team. The experience is still influencing, informing and shaping my life a year later. This is much more than a teacher training- the powerful knowledge and skills I learned to empower others has been the best investment of my life.
— Jon C, BBTT 2017 | Ireland
Be Bold Teacher Training has had a profound impact on my practice, my relationships with others and my understanding of myself. I knew that through this course I would learn to teach yoga, but I also learned how to reclaim my power on and off the mat and I’ve developed self-compassion to a level that didn’t exist for me before.
Be Bold Teacher Training is an opportunity for everyone - whether or not they intend to teach yoga. It was an investment of my time and money, but more importantly it was an investment in myself and I’m incredibly grateful for everything that I gained from the experience.
— Vanessa M, BBTT 2018 | WVPY
I had a million reasons why I shouldn’t do Be Bold Teacher Training. I am so incredibly thankful that I listened to the reasons why I needed to say yes. BBTT gave me the tools I need to be for others, but also to be for myself. I learned so much about myself during this time, and I gained a new perspective that I wasn’t even aware I was lacking. BBTT not only left me feeling empowered to share a strong, physical practice of yoga with others, it also left me inspired to simply be better for others. I cannot thank Melinda enough for leading this experience. She challenged me to dig deeper and be uncomfortable, while at the same time providing support and kindness. Melinda is a powerful role model of what being for others looks like, and we were all so fortunate to have her.
— Krista H, BBTT 2017 | WVPY
Be Bold teacher training totally changed my life. I entered the training, hoping to deepen my knowledge of yoga and strengthen my practice, but left with so much more. The promises of the training were fulfilled, and all expectations were exceeded. I gained invaluable skills that I use every day, not just on my mat, which have left me inspired and empowered. A world of possibility is now open to me, thanks to Melinda, her team and this training.
— Laura C, BBTT 2018 | Ireland
I went into the WVPY Teacher Training thinking I would learn about poses, anatomy and how to teach yoga. Well, I got that and something much more valuable. The training was transformational for me. It awakened me to my purpose which has given me direction. I feel focused and alive as a result. I highly recommend the training to others.
— Rick B, BBTT 2017 | WVPY
Teacher Training with WVPY was hands-down the highlight of my year, and one of the most powerful and transformational events of my life. It is a difficult, demanding experience—both physically and emotionally—but if you are willing to put in the work, you will come away from the training as a new, better person. This training provided me with a vastly expanded view of what yoga means in my life. It profoundly altered my perspective of how I fit in the world and it instilled a level of self-acceptance and self-compassion that I never believed I could possess in my life. I came away from my experience with 23 of the most sincere, supportive, and genuine friends that I have ever had. They are all people who are dear to me like family. I came into the training feeling weighed down with the burdens of life, and the experience taught me to allow lightness and joy into my life. This training also furnished a thorough understanding of the poses and sequence in Journey into Power and provided a foundation to become an effective yoga instructor.
Yoga Trainings are expensive—there’s no question that it represents a significant investment of money and time—but I consider the cost to be trivial in comparison to the benefits received. Yes, you could use the money instead to fund a trip to a serene, tropical location. Or you could spend that money on this training and bring contentment and serenity home to you. Don’t let cost or time commitment deter you. It is unconditionally, emphatically worth it.
— Brent D, EYP 2016 | WVPY