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Africa Yoga Project Classes!!!!!!

Join us for a class taught by one of the amazing teachers visiting us from Africa! We are excited to have Bobby from Uganda and Dickens from Kenya during the Hugs, Handstands & Happiness Tour! We can not think of three better words to describe walking into the Africa Yoga Project Shine Center, a community based yoga center where hundreds of people practice yoga weekly in Nairobi, Kenya.

The enthusiasm and talents these AYP Teachers bring to their communities is now being brought across the US with this bi-annual tour. These class proceeds are donated to the Africa Yoga Project and regular class passes apply unless otherwise noted. Donations are also happily accepted!

July5th: Bobby and Dickens are co-teach Friday Night Beats at WVPY Corvallis at 5:30pm

July 6th: Bobby teaches 8:30am and Dickens teaches 10am at WVPY Corvallis with food and community gathering to follow

July 7th: Dickens teaches 8am at WVPY Albany,

July 7th: Join our guest teacher, Bobby Yiga from Uganda, a certified Baptiste Yoga teacher and dancer for a fun, inspiring, sweaty workshop! This 90 minute class will be yoga centered...with some hip-hop dance thrown in! Class will be heated to 90 degrees and is appropriate for all levels.
WVPY Corvallis 6:00pm
$25, 10% off for members

July 8th at PDX Power Yoga! Join the boys at the 12:00pm and 6:30pm classes!