Keep it 100

Summer. Yes, it’s unofficially upon us. Though we wait all year for this moment of nice weather, no school pick ups and a general community feeling of "ahhhhhhhh", for many it sneaks up and we realize that it may be busier than the rest of the year. You might find yourself thinking “how will I keep up my yoga practice - at a HOT yoga studio - during these jam packed warm summer months?” Well, we at WVPY have a few ideas for you. Read on Vinyasa Vixens, we. got. choo.

  • Concerned about the heat of the day? Try an early morning - we’ve got 5:15am in Albany and 5:30am in Corvallis! You’ve got nothing to lose (except a few hours of sleep) and you’ll get your beautiful day started bright and early.
  • Alternatively, you could pull up your yoga britches and handle it—evening classes are lovingly taught by some of our favorite teachers and they want nothing more than to finish the day with you. And, on a hot day, you could be lucky enough to have the studio be cooler than the atmosphere outside.
  • We can’t say it enough: THE BUDDY SYSTEM. Summer breeds a whole new slew of friendships due to schedules being out of the norm. So, go to a new class you don’t frequent during the school year. You may just see a friend you didn’t know practiced at WVPY (and they can help motivate you to get your up-dog to class)!
  • Challenge Yourself. Weather you take on a 40 Days to Personal Revolution program on your own or come up with another accountability process, get out of your comfort zone with a challenge that gets you pumped to practice. 
  • One the road? Traveling here and there? Take us with you via our YouTube Channel! Also, visit other studios while you’re out exploring! Need a recommendation? We have Baptiste Yoga friends all over the globe…chances are, we can send you to a studio you’ll LOVE!

Thanks for reading. Now go get class!


By Melinda Luksch