Candlelit Vin/Yin, A Review

I spent the day on the move. Frantically filling out something for the California DMV (‘I don’t live there anymore! Stop charging me as if I do!) while trying to put back a morning tea, I only gathered speed from there. I gave Corvallis all my attention at lunchtime, bringing out sandwiches and iced teas, three plates at a time. Should I mention the amount of silverware I rolled because I’m a professional? Too late. Already did. My niece and nephew need care and attention because society says so (and I think there are studies on this?), so evening hours were spent drawing and playing a board game that I won in a landslide. After picking up every single marker, because they live a life of luxury, I headed to the Corvallis WVPY studio for Vin/Yin class. I was even setting up my mat in a scurry. ‘I’m running to my car to get a water bottle!!,’ I shouted to anyone who would listen. I. Was. Buzzing. I was ready for a power class that made my shirt look like I just threw it in a creek (‘This energy isn’t going to last much longer!’). I was in for 90 minutes of the very opposite.

Calming music and even further calming candles created the studio into a space of invitation and ease. The class was intimate, all of us equipped with props that were only supposed to help us reach further restoration and release. The first 30 minutes or so involved a small amount of movement. Think very intentional in each pose, but not sweating on your mat. My first thoughts at the beginning were, ‘Uh oh. This is going to be a tough hour and a half; I wanna move.’ Keeping my focus on each pose (not to mention my candle), however, allowed me to slow down and let go of that speed. The second part of class involved total release poses held for longer than a traditional class. Expect an incredible stretch, most likely some discomfort (I learned that this happened when I tried to fight the release), and a total loosened grasp on time. At one point, I almost fell asleep with my head on my knee, no exaggeration. I completely lost track of time; it became suspended just as I had become in the wringing out.     

If you’re looking for the challenging, fast-flowing environment of a power vinyasa class, I encourage you to attend a Vin/Yin class. I assure you you’ll be challenged in a way your body and brain probably weren’t expecting, and likely will very much appreciate. If you’re looking to end your day with the opposite of hectic, the antidote to constant racing, then let me gently push you in this direction, as well. Plus, you guys; candles.

By Leah Biesack