How to Get to Yoga

The Buddy System (TBS)

Sometimes just knowing your BFF will be sweating it out at the mat next to you is enough to get you there out of the house and into the studio. Other times (like with the sunrise classes), TBS may be the only thing that gets you out of bed. So, my people, get a buddy and get into d-dog stat. 


Mark Your Calendar

Most of us stay fairly scheduled- with work, families, commitments etc. So, no matter how far ahead you plan, add classes to your calendar. Not only does it have a "to-do list" effect (I wrote it down, therefore now I must do it because checking off a box feels oh-so-good), adding a class to your calendar is setting an intention and making a commitment. Then all you have to do is follow through and make it happen! 

It can also help you prioritize your day when other appointments come up. I don’t know ‘bout you, but when I can plan something around a yoga class, it’s a win. 


Get a Membership

Number crunchers unite! When you are paying by the month for unlimited classes, the more you go, the better value it is (that's the point after all). So, get a membership and give yourself a pass to practice whenever you want and as much as you can. 
Pro Tip- WVPY is running a special this month only: unlimited classes for $72 per month for a 6 month commitment! For real, you need to come approx 1.5 times per week to make that the best value. Come 3x per week? You're only paying $6 per class. Not to mention membership perks like discounts on retail and workshops. But I digress....
A membership gives you access without counting punches and purchasing classes again and again. And with all that extra cash, just think of how many kombuchas you can buy.


Post by M Luksch