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Welcome to the WVPY Blog!

We are pleased to introduce our Main Contributor (or fondly, 'MC') and recent BBTT graduate, Leah Biesack. She’ll be writing the majority of posts with occasional cameos by guest contributors. You might want to subscribe, right away, so you don’t miss a thing. Without further ado, Miss Biesack you have the floor….

   I forgot to put a glass of water by my bed last night, so I woke up with record-breaking thirst, the kind only written about in ghost stories or med school textbooks. Because I passed out in my niece’s tiny twin bed (while she’s living the good life at Universal Studios), I couldn’t determine my location for the life of me. The pot in which I used to poach an egg yesterday was left out and now that house-keeping task is hanging over me with a weight for which no amount of dolphin push-ups could prepare me. I spilled a green smoothie in my car. My socks are too tight. And, after scrubbing them with a toothbrush and baking soda a mere two days ago, my sneakers are, most tragically, dirtier than rain boots. Still. I get to sit here, wearing the clothes I slept in, and write to you adoring and accepting people about things I like. We’re doing just fine.

  I imagine it’d be better etiquette to make proper introductions before unloading my morning, in detail, to you over-obliging readers. I also imagine I’ll never quite obtain ‘better etiquette’ anytime soon, so we may just have to put up with my black sheep ways. For those of you who don’t know me (don’t worry, there’s no reason you should.), I’m Leah Biesack; writer, yoga practitioner, chip fanatic, language junky. I’ve been practicing at WVPY since it was still a bud of an idea, being bounced around in the lofts of Nicole and Melinda. As a transplant coming from Brooklyn, NY, I was trying to match the pace and tone of Baby Corvallis, but every part of me was itchy with resistance. Don’t get me wrong. This town is dreamy sweet. But as an angsty, then 24 year-old, I was accustomed to challenge and I needed to satisfy that craving. While folding cloth napkins many blue moons ago, back when Melinda made guest appearances waiting tables with me, I mentioned, while trying to make perfect seams, that I hadn’t been able to find a studio in town that really gave me that invigoration and challenge. ‘I know a place,’ she said. It all felt very covert. Especially since we were already dressed in black for our uniform. From there, I was pulled into the homes and arms of the founders of this place. It’s as if I found a giant four-leaf clover made up of 800 little four-leaf clovers. And they all smelled like frosting.

  In case none of you were aware, one’s twenties can be erratic and messy and really, really hard. I always heard people who’d graduated from them lusting for days of 22. ‘If I could go back…’ I’m not sure what kind of picture of bliss they’ve crafted unless it gives a genuine nod to the twenties being the last decade for a potential golden birthday. Until about a year ago, my twenties have been ungrounding. They’ve been scary. They’ve been packed with 4 different states of residence, 2 major heartbreaks, 3 different college drop-out decisions, and heaps of self-doubt. Sure, they gave me a fierce independence and an admirable number of mailing addresses, but what remained a constant, though, was the practice of a yoga. The ideas made sense in my young, rattled and addled brain. The practice was exactly what my body had been waiting and wanting to do, but just never knew it. I won’t sit and tout all the benefits that I experienced and continue to experience. I will say, though, that yoga was and still is one of the ways I’ve gotten to know myself closely. It took being in a much more intimate setting to actually uncover all of my working and rusted parts to which I’d not yet been introduced. It was a quieter meeting of sorts. And it’s when I discovered, ‘oh. i can feel like this?,’ that I realized I’d gracefully/ungracefully stumbled into what would become as much a part of my life as putting the kettle on in the morning; something that makes me feel really good and something I never regret doing.

  I’m so honored and excited to be given this opportunity, one to write and share with this community, cousins of this community, friends of friends of friends. I hope to provide connection, inspiration, vulnerability, and, if I’ve been keeping my chops honed, ideally, something at least mildly fun to read. I hope I can hit the points where they count. I hope to learn more about those points, myself. Thrilled to be able to be in the practice with you. Let’s find the edges, take the modifications, listen and listen and listen with wide eyes and stretched hearts. Thanks, Kittens. I basically want to ask you all to prom. And then, when one of you inevitably runs to the bathroom to cry into your glitter or cufflinks (I got you, gents), just tell me the issue; I’ll fix everything.


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