Assistant (and local nurse!) Krista on Being of Power

I have a choice in every pose and in life. I can choose whether to go through the motions, or to actually be alive and present. I can still have a good life continuing on as I have, or I can do the work to get clear on what direction is truly within me. Wishing for it, or just thinking about it will not create change or power.  Everything that I need is inside of me, and I will continually be in the learning and work of how to access it. Although at times this will be difficult, I still get to choose how I will experience it. Instead of resisting, I can welcome the discomfort because I will know that I am in the work, and that I am making my way closer to peeling back the layers of who I am.

“The pathway to authenticity demands courage, and with courage you can go to the places that scare you and risk falling down, although you will most likely surprise yourself and fly.” -Baron Baptiste in Being of Power