Katie, WVPY Assistant on Being of Power

When difficult situations came up throughout my day, I tried to slow my responses and think of the 9 practices in Being of Power. I noticed a shift in my general attitude and felt a sense of lightness. I was dealing with the same issues and problems I'd been dealing with but choosing to see them in a different light. I realized quickly that by continuing these practices, I'll continue to grow and shift into a place of power and authenticity.

In the moments when I can practice letting it be, I feel a sense of ease. When I can quit stressing about getting out of my stuckness, it brings me clarity. This book (in combination with Be Bold Teacher Training) has had a major impact on my life. What I love most is that there is no end to this work. I can see the benefits of continuing these practices and revisiting them again and again with each experience in my life. There will always be room for personal growth and while it may not seem like a "fix it" right away, I am moving into a life that is authentically mine and that’s a pretty great feeling.

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