WVPY Teacher + Assistant Trishten on Being of Power

Baron said, “Yes is an energetic place. When you’re coming from this energy, it alters and impacts the way you see yourself, your life, your thoughts, and your feelings. It shapes your actions right here in the present moment.” For me, this couldn’t be a truer statement. For years, basically my entire 20’s, I didn’t do anything that I felt was challenging. I refused to do anything where I was uncertain of the outcome. I needed to maintain control of how I was viewed by others, my dignity and my sanity. I even confused encouragement for pity. Even though I desperately wanted to find thrill and challenge in my life, I wasn’t willing to see outside of the “what could happen” or “I’m not sure how this will end”. I finally came to a point where I was tired of living in such a solid state of grey. Coming to WVPY was my first step in being a true YES. Baron continues, “For example, think about how your view changes and your actions are shaped when there’s a new relationship in your life that excites you.” Yoga had started to become that relationship for me. I was leaning into the discomfort of discovery and being sloppy and uncertain. But even on my worst days, I felt lit up by these discoveries. As time went on, I felt myself embodying what being a Yes meant. Stepping foot on my mat meant that I had a new opportunity to try on something different, perhaps even something scary. Being a Yes on my mat has made me aware of the opportunities to be a Yes in life. My mat has truly been a mirror of myself and my life. When I feel strength and connection on my mat, I feel strength and connection in my life, my relationships, my marriage. “Yes sets the stage for being of power.” I get that now. When I read it on paper, I understand what it means, what it feels like. Even in Teacher Training, being a Yes to things that have felt uncomfortable to me, have helped pave the way for growth and discovery. The idea of going back to living a life where I was closed off  and being a No, feels dark and suffocating. “When being a Yes, you’re someone who is standing positively for what’s happening in your life and for what you want to have happen in your future—you’re a person who’s up to something bigger.” YES, Baron!!

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